Easy Garage Door Maintenance and Troubleshooting

September 9, 2020

Garage door

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The electric garage door opener is convenient and blessing but it can become a burden when get malfunctioned. The following are the helpful tips and tricks to keep your garage door and garage door opener in a good working position. These pointers will also help you to diagnose problems and determine the best solution to fix them. Since different types of garage doors are operated in various ways, so make sure to consult a professional and trustworthy garage door repair contractor for future assistance, if required. Click on the link https://garagedoorrepairyuma.wordpress.com/ to get more information about garage doors.

Garage door maintenance

The first and important step to keep your garage door in tip-top position is the maintenance of its hardware and moving parts. Regular garage door maintenance is essential to keep your garage door functional and prolong its life span. Here are simple but effective techniques to enhance the performance of a garage door in the long run.

Regular inspection and maintenance:

Regular Inspection: Everyone knows that the best and effective way to solve the problems is to prevent them because “prevention is better than cure”. Make sure you have checked the garage door and its operating mechanism regularly. Anything that seems out of order must be inspected. Worn out hinges, loose springs, and wobbly screws, bolts, and nuts are some common problems that may happen. It is wise to address and fix any potential problems before they become critical and creates more complex issues.

Paint and stain: It is good to keep your garage door painted and polished properly. Most homeowners do not realize the importance of both inside and outside the appearance of the garage door. Only painting the garage door from outside can weaken the strength of the garage door and it can accumulate moisture and cause to warp.

Lubrication: All the moving parts must be kept cleaned and lubricated especially tracks, hinges, and rollers which allow the garage door to run smoothly. You may use any low viscosity lubrication spray, or permeating oil like WD-40mat least once a year.

Inspect the garage door tracks: Garage door tracks that support the door to run smoothly must be kept aligned and balanced. If they need adjustment, lose the supporting rackets and use a small wood block and hammer to return it to its original condition.

Garage door troubleshooting and repairs:

Various garage door problems happen due to the exposure of weather. These problems can be fixed with the help of simple techniques. Since different garage doors have different mechanisms, make sure to check the user’s manual to ensure the right repairing process.

One of the most common issues can be the garage door hard to open or close. This trouble could potentially be associated with the malfunctioning garage door opener. In this situation, you should follow the directions mentioned in the user’s manual.

The best technique is to pull the releasing cord that often hangs below the garage door opener to operate the garage door manually. If it seems good, then the issue is most likely with the performance of the electric garage door opener.  If your garage doors felt heavy while operating, then the issue could be with the torsion springs. Remember, don’t try to adjust them on your own because they are placed under an extreme amount of stress and can be dangerous if not handled properly. Call a certified and trained technician instead to avoid injuries.