Points To Consider When Buying a Garage Door Opener

February 3, 2022

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Before buying a garage door opener, make sure that you have considered some important points such as type of drive, horsepower, remote control, safety & security features, motor capacity (AC or DC), and warranty. It will help that you buy the best LiftMaster garage door opener servicing for you according to your convenience, budget, and requirements.

  • Horsepower:

Horsepower or HP is the basic information you need to check. The horsepower is related directly to the weight of the garage door. The HP will explain to you that the device has enough power to open or close the garage door. So, check the height, weight, type, and alignment properly to determine the capacity of a garage door.  For standard single and double garage doors, ½ HP is enough. For weighted garage doors such as wooden garage doors or carriage house garage doors, the ¾ HP is adequate. Don’t make the mistake of using a small HP opener on a heavier garage door.

  • Type of driven system:

There are three basic types of driven systems such as, chain drives, screw drives, and belt drives system. Chain drives are noisy types of openers because they are constructed with metal chains and trolleys. It is the famous and least expensive opener. Screw drives lift the garage door using a threaded steel rod. Check the latest models that are created with plastic-lined tracks to eliminate metal-to-metal contact and maximize the speed. A belt drive is the quietest and speediest model of garage door opener. If the sounds are the concern then belt drives are the best option.

  • Safety and security features:

Fortunately, recent models of garage door openers offer the latest safety and security features. They stop your garage door from accidentally closing on something even in the situation of power break-ins. They have an emergency release mechanism that helps the system to be disconnected from the opener in the case of entrapment. It allows you to operate the garage door manually.

  • Remote control features: 

Having a remote control feature is essential for getting into and out of your house. It is a convenient and wonderful feature. You won’t have to step out of your car, open the garage door by hand, and then close the garage door. You can open the garage door while sitting in your car, drive inside the garage and then close the garage door again using a remote. Technology in these accessories has also been increased such as wireless keypads and key remotes. A complete range of remotes is provided with the garage door opener package. If not, you can buy them separately.

  • Motor:

Efficient garage door opener uses DC (Direct Current) motor instead of AC (Alternating Current) motor. The DC motor consumes the least electricity, creates less noise, and its speed can be controlled. AC motor allows facilitate the system for soft start and stop functions. A garage door with an AC motor going down slowly reaches full speed and then slows down before touching the ground. DC motor provides higher tension on small systems.

  • Warranty:

A warranty is an assurance that gives you peace of mind using the product. Read the terms, conditions, and all fines lines of the warranty. Some garage door opener manufacturers offer a warranty against the whole package, others offer a warranty for their specific parts. Some companies give a warranty for the motor to give you the confidence to use.


This article will help you in finding the best garage door opener model that suits your needs and requirements. If you want to choose the best garage door opener that suits your needs and budget, then this article will give you a good idea.