Torsion Springs and Overhead Garage Doors

December 9, 2020

Garage door

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Are you the type of person who takes garage doors for granted? Definitely, it is easy to take things for granted until they stop working. In the case of malfunctioning, you are left to try to determine how to deal with the problems or call a professional and reputed garage door service to your home.

When we take our garage door for granted, we never think about how much it does for us. You may simply open and close it throughout the day when you need it, stop only to think about your overhead garage door when it suddenly won’t function. Garage doors need regular upkeep and maintenance services and when it stops working, it can be expensive to fix.

Many garage door problems can easily be fixed on your own as long as you have the right tools, technical expertise, and a bit of patience. The most important part which goes wrong with your garage door is “torsion spring”.

These springs facilitate you to lift the heavy garage door using a single click.  Torsion springs do a lot of work for your garage door by pulling and lifting it. This is why, if you have an electric garage door opener, it does not need too much horsepower to lift the garage. Thank torsion springs, as it does not need much effort to lift the garage door. If they got damaged, you should call a reputed garage door services provider to get a free garage door spring repair estimate to fix them.

Traditional garage doors which are known as “flip-up” garage doors also use the springs to lift up the garage door. Otherwise, you will have to spend too much force and strength to get the garage door opened and closed which could be quite dangerous work to do so.

When you are working with the overhead garage door, which is commonly known as a “one-piece garage door”, these springs will help the garage door to properly counterbalance the weight during operations. Once you have installed the torsion springs properly, you can lift the garage door easily either by hand for manual operations or using a remote control for automated operations.

Some people believe that there is no need to install a garage door opener with a one-piece garage door. This is wrong. An opener receives singles from the remote and supports the spring to lift the garage door for you. 

However, adjusting or replacing a broken torsion spring can be a difficult process as it has to be handled properly to maintain the balance of the garage door in order to get it to working smoothly. One good rule of thumb to remember; you will have to install a garage door spring correctly to lift it easily. In case, it can’t, springs are likely not hooked up properly and you need some professional assistance to adjust the garage door torsion springs correctly.

Installing an overhead garage door is good for you especially if you are trying to add authentic appeal to your home. Don’t forget that torsion springs need to be installed perfectly in order to make your garage door functional and efficient. It is always best to consult a qualified and trained expert to repair or replace the garage door springs.