About Us

There is just about to be discussed when talking about Sintesis.org.

Sintesis, by the way, is the Spanish word for synthesis. The term synthesis describes, in natural science, the joining / combining of two or more constituents into a new entity or else the product of such a combination.
However, the concept of synthesis is also used in other sciences. Thus, synthesis in the humanities is used in an abstract way, in order to characterize, for example, newly created word connections – such as metaphors. Opposite to the synthesis is the process of analysis, which is at the same time inseparable from it.

Synthesis as a combination and analysis – the systematic investigation and evaluation – are fundamental procedures for scientists, technicians, inventors and explorers, which is why we chose the name Sintesis.org for our magazine.

There is nothing remarkable about us. We are simply a group of curious minds bound by our mutual love of science. At first, the goal was just to create a personal blog site where we our ideas could be viewed by people around us. We are first to admit that we do not know everything. Yet we like to find answers. We found out that with the internet, everything is possible. Thus, it became our salvation on things that we do not know.
Experts from the field of science, scientists, and other curious minds started to give their one cent on the matter, and because science is never ending, follow up questions kept flowing in as well. This opened doors to new topics to talk about that led to the need of compiling it into different magazines for a more organized reference materials.

Now, we are already publishing different magazines that feature different topics all related to science. Check out our sample materials to know more.