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This magazine features any topic under the sun. Literally. We’d love to give you updates on how the world is changing in every aspect. Included here are the earth here and now from different parts of the world. New discoveries that will change the way of life people is another interesting feature. Be on the lookout for changes with this volume.


Animal-lover? Well, this is a volume you’d no doubt enjoy. Every month in this 30-page spread, we feature the different species of kingdom animalia. Learn about their ways of life, and way of coping in their environment. Check out how they survive out there, and be fascinated once again in the magic of symbiotic relationship between species.


Space is a whole new level of undiscovered world. Find out new revelations about the cosmos, the galaxy, stars and the moon. Get the latest news on people leaving footprints in other planetary surfaces. Find out interesting facts about space travel and more, when you subscribe here.