The Importance of Garage Door Insulation

December 16, 2021

Garage door

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If your garage is detached from your house then chances are there that you don’t need to make it cooled or heated. However, if you have an attached garage then your garage door is probably the largest door of your house and can account for half of the energy loss if it is not insulated properly.

The latest models of garage doors already come with insulation features but the older models are not insulted. They are responsible for the cool and heat loss as unwanted air flows through the garage door. The simplest, efficient, and most cost-effective solution is insulating a garage door immediately.

The HVAC system of your house is normally not connected to the garage. So practically, you don’t want to pay for the heating and cooling of the garage. Unless you have created a strong airtight seal on the door between your garage and house, air escapes into the garage. In addition to this, if you have created a workshop in your garage or use it as a storage room, you will have to keep it as comfortable as the other parts of your house in both the summer and winter seasons. So in order to control the air from flowing from your house into the garage and then outside and to prevent the garage from being the same unwanted temperature as outside, your garage door should be insulated.

The best and easiest way to insulate your garage door is to use a garage door insulation kit. These kits are available for single or double garage doors which come with all the insulation material, accessories, and other related material. You just need to measure the garage door and use your own tools.

If you are a technical type person, you can buy rolls of insulation foams and other materials individually. However, if you are not a handyperson and uncomfortable handling jobs then you buy an insulation kit to install it correctly. You can get the professional services of a local garage door installer for this job. So your job is to measure the garage door, buy an insulation kit, and call a professional garage door expert of your choice. It just takes less than a day and should be a relatively cost-effective solution. Garage door insulation will help you decrease your energy bills and make your garage as comfortable as your house.