The Importance of Garage Door Spring Repair and Maintenance

September 16, 2020

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Keeping the garage door springs in good working condition is the most important factor to make sure that your garage door will work efficiently and safely.

Although other parts of garage doors including panels, cables, and tracks also need periodic attention but springs are the significant elements that will save you from hassles in the long run. Garage door springs repair or replacement is not a DIY type project. It needs professional garage door services like Benbrook, TX garage door spring repair service to handle without any hassle. Take a look at how preventative garage door maintenance techniques will help you to keep your garage door functioning like a new one.

Garage door maintenance extends the life of garage door:

You can perform some inspection and maintenance regime on your own to give your garage door a longer life span. you can clean garage door tracks, lubricate garage door pulleys, tracks, and moving parts every six months using a light silicone spray or oil. You can fix or replace the broken weather sealing and tighten all loose moving parts including screws, nuts, and bolts. 

Your mechanism will last longer if you spend enough time carefully examine and maintain the garage door on a regular basis. It could include finding out the wears and tears, rusted or dented parts, shredding cables, and loose garage door parts.

You should also test the locking mechanism periodically to make sure that they are secured. These actions will not only keep your garage door functioning but also prolong its overall life. Definitely, if you are not confident about how to conduct these procedures safely, you will have to hire a professional garage door expert to take care of them for you. 

What you cannot handle on your own is anything relating to torsion springs. They are quite dangerous and need the attention of garage door experts. Under normal situations, annual garage door springs maintenance and lubrication are enough. In commercial buildings, wherein the garage door is used multiple times each day, professional suggests twice-yearly examination.

Garage door safety inspection: Thousands of homeowners got injured due to a malfunctioned garage doors every year. Not only do they injure due to faulty garage door parts but many are killed as a result of broken torsion springs. In spite of regular garage door inspection and maintenance, ask your expert to give you some safety inspection at least once a year. A skilled and trained garage door technician will be able to determine which part of the garage door needs to be replaced or repaired and will upgrade your current garage door with all safety features.

Importance of garage door spring repair and replacement:

On average, the garage door is operated around 1500 times each year. Due to the negligence of garage door maintenance, the tracks become misaligned and rollers become frozen. Garage door opener can become malfunction, leaving your garage door stuck on its halfway. Misaligned and dented garage door tracks can make your garage door hard to open or close. Worst of all, your garage door torsion springs can become loose or damage; causing the garage door to abruptly broke.

In some bad situations, a tightly mounted garage door may break and pieces of tightly coiled springs can break and fly in the air, causing severe injuries or even death. Regular preventive maintenance will save you from the troubles of dealing with unexpected issues and keep your property and family safe.

Protect your car, home, family, and other belongings by conducting regular garage door inspection and maintenance plans. Consult with your local professional garage door technician near you for further assistance relating garage door spring repair needs.