Things to Consider When Picking a New Garage Door

August 19, 2022

Garage door

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A garage door is one of the most important components of your house. It not only provides security but also can add curb appeal to your property. Before you choose a garage door to give a design statement to your house, it is important for you to determine the shape, style, and size of the garage door opening.

Don’t forget to calculate your budget. It will give you a clear idea of how much drive path width you need and also don’t end up compromising on garage door quality. There is a wide variety of cheap garage doors to choose from if you have a limited budget. There are five basic types of garage doors such as, sectional, retractable, canopy style, and side hinge garage door. Each of them has unique features in terms of services and performance.

  • Retractable garage doors:

These garage doors swing outwards in the up and back positions along the ceiling of the garage. The beneficial point of this type of garage door is that it is installed at the top which makes you able to make the car close to it. Make sure that you have enough space on your drive path. These garage doors are easier to install and suitable for automated functions using an electric garage door opener. They offer good security features. They are available in steel, GRP, and wood materials. One point to note is that it needs a spacious driveway due to side spring assemblies.

  • Canopy garage doors:

These garage doors swing outward and then slide upward towards the ceiling of the garage. It leaves a major portion of the garage door outside. The security of the garage door is increased as the operating points are located down the door. They are easy to install as no tracks are needed and the garage door mounts to the frame of the garage. They are available in ABS, wood, steel, and GRP material. They can provide a large driveway width.

  • Sectional garage doors:

These garage doors are constructed with multiple panels that are hinged horizontally. They are fitted to the walls of the garage. When operated, it rises upwards vertically and then back toward the space of the ceiling. The sectional garage door offers security against harsh weather as they come with insulation features. They are normally available in steel. Most of the sectional garage doors are assembled and installed in just three hours by professionals.

  • Roller garage doors:

These garage doors roll towards the ceiling as a single curtain. They are fitted on the front wall of the garage. As the name describes, they roll vertically upward. These garage doors offer good security and protection sense. You will normally find them in steel and aluminum materials and most of them come insulated. The installation process is quite easy but professional garage door installation work guarantees a smooth operation.

  • Side hinge garage doors:

These garage doors are designed in timber, steel, and GRP. They look very traditional as they open outward. They need more clearance while opened. The security offered by these garage doors is good if the bolts are installed at the top and bottom of the garage door.

The garage door is an essential piece of equipment for your house. So while choosing a garage door you should consider the security, quality, functionality, and durability of a garage door.